Bathroom renovation trends that are here to stay

May 13, 2020

Before you go ahead with your bathroom renovation, get up to date with the latest trends in bathroom design. Top quality materials along with classic elements that will not date and using technology to create a smart bathroom is the way forward.

Smart Rooms 

Why limit technology to the rest of the house when a phone or a television screen works in the bathroom. New bathrooms are using digital and mobile tech to create customised solutions that can be used for work or play. Audio systems like showerheads and wireless speakers are easy to bring in and create an atmosphere of fun. There can even be space for USB Chargers.   

Advanced toilets now offers personalised settings that allow fine-tuning every option to exact preferences; from ambient coloured lighting to wireless Bluetooth® music sync capability to the heated seat and foot warmer. There is technology everywhere. Heated toilet seats that are self- cleaning, anti-microbial and with self-closing lids are going to be popular.

With technology that controls the temperature, lighting, music and function, the bathroom is now becoming an uniquely private space.

Home Spas

A neutral tone bathroom with soothing colours, relaxing smells and dimming lights are achievable in a home spa. Step into your own private sanctuary with a hard-wearing, deep bath with massage features. Air jets create a lot of different sensations on the body and luxuriating in a tub that has these features takes relaxation to a new level.

There are spa baths that can accommodate more than one person. Luxurious drop in massage baths can be freestanding or integrated. If there is a view from the bathroom, this is being incorporated into the bathroom design. Otherwise the tub itself can be a focal point.  Creating an ambience with lighting will contribute to the relaxing effect.  Having enough storage around the tub to accommodate aromatherapy oils, candles and potpourri provides next level indulgence


For those with limited space, walk-in showers with a modern touch like a linear shower drain are ideal. They are easy to maintain and take up less space. You could have both – a tub and a shower depending on how big the bathroom is.  Add a square or round rain shower head and it lends an architectural styling to a simple area. Ceiling-mounted shower heads are now popular and give the illusion of a cascading waterfall. Recessed storage on the walls of the shower also give it a streamlined look and keeps things in order.

Floating Vanity

Vanities that are wall hung give the appearance of space. They work well in small spaces and larger bathrooms. A floating vanity is a simple addition to the bathroom that gives both storage and the streamlined look. Some of them come with a mix of open and closed storage. They can be luxurious with a deep wide basin to cater to more than one user. Warm colors like grey, brown, black is trending. Adding a dark vanity in an all-white modern bathroom design can make it pop.

It is the homeowner that makes the rules when it comes to design. A good designer or builder can ensure the result is not just satisfactory but perfectly suited for the demands of the family. While trends come and go and some stay around longer, quality products and construction can make or break the room. Storage, quality fixtures in a bright, airy room that is easy to maintain will stand the test of time.

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