Top 10 Stunning Bathroom Design Trends We Are Seeing For 2023

December 21, 2022

Bathrooms are beginning to take over the interior spotlight as we predict to see them trending more than ever before in the year 2023.

Although the bathroom isn’t the most widely viewed part of our home, it sure is important and it’s a space we can go to, to find a quiet moment of solitude. Being more than just a maintenance room for life, we often spend the beginning and end of our day here and for some – has become a place of refuge to feel calm and centered.

The start of a New Year is a great time to look at your home and decide if you want to make any changes. If your bathroom is in consideration due to feeling outdated, tired and old, or you simply want a change of scenery; keep a close eye on what’s trending.

We’ve put together the top 10 bathroom design trends that we expect to see in 2023 to elevate your space with natural materials and tiles being the focal point. For homeowners seeking a trendy bathroom, luxury finishes and smart features are growing in popularity. We will continue to see wooden tones and marble in a variety of styles to be trending in 2023.

Natural Stone & Wooden Tones

Wooden features and beautiful stones really set the tone for your space, tying into the theme of nature and bringing the outdoors into your bathroom. As we seek to reconnect with nature, introducing natural materials such as bamboo and reeded wooden-look tiles can simply enhance this look. If you’re looking to add warmth to your bathroom; timber floors, accessories and cabinets are a great way to incorporate that feeling including calming colours and styles.

Natural materials such as wood and stone are known to boost positive emotions. Spending time outdoors and within nature has a positive impact on our mental health and by bringing it into our home, we can somewhat replicate the same feelings and get the same benefits on a smaller scale.

Retro & Vintage

Retro or vintage design styles in bathrooms is becoming more popular from coloured toilets and tubs to mosaic style flooring. If this is the option for you, there are so many ways you can turn your bathroom into a dream retro space. Vintage bathrooms are elegant and practical with timeless spaces that are stylish, giving us a sanctuary to unwind and relax at the end of a busy day.

If you’re looking to give your bathroom more personality, start off using statement colours and incorporating your decorative items to link to the colour scheme. Choose your patterns whether it be floral designs or checkered flooring, these decisions will guide you, acting as the basis for pulling your scheme together.

Retro is making a serious comeback with patterned surfaces and classic fixtures that we see homeowners incorporating within their home, including avocado green and mustard yellow from the 70’s and ceramic tiles in muted pastel shades from the 80’s. Although this century is set on marble surfaces and luxurious bronze and gold fixtures, bold retro and vintage enhancements are making a comeback, creating elegant looks by being blended in with contemporary elements.

Luxury Finishes

Brushed bronze and gold finishes to reeded and fluted finishes including metallic colours; have grown in popularity, making reeded finishes appear in the interior limelight more than ever before. Brushed brass and brushed gold compliment most palettes, from neutral colours such as white, to warmer and earthy tones to dark colours.

Chrome and steel are popular choices for bathrooms and kitchens, however sometimes these metals can make a room feel cold and dark. Using more warmer metallic tones such as brass and copper create a visual impact and create an indulgent feel.

Textures & Tiles

Adding multiple layers to your bathroom with stylish feature walls in colour, patterned tiles is becoming more popular in 2023. Tiles ranging from handmade to custom imperfect styles and accents can be seen more as we are trending towards textural materials and warming up spaces so they don’t feel so cold, creating the sanctuary feeling in our bathrooms and a place where we can comfortably find solitude.

Layering textures is important, especially if your bathroom is compact which leads to difficulty in accessorising your room. It gives your space more volume and personality to avoid it appearing flat and uninteresting. If marble is in consideration but may be out of your budget to complete your whole bathroom wall-to-wall, using tiles and textures on other walls to compliment your marble is a great way to fill the space and add warmth and comfort to your look.

Marvellous Marble

If you’re chasing luxurious and elegant but still wanting to keep it minimal, marble is a great way to go. With its crisp clean natural look and delicate formations in pattern, it provides visual interest within our home. However, it can be on the pricier side of things when looking to renovate your bathroom with marble so, incorporating marble wallpapers with understated gold tones or a combination of beautiful colours will allow you to transform your bathroom without needing to overspend and worry about who you’ll get to install it. Keep in mind that having a well-ventilated bathroom is important and if you choose to use wallpaper, this is a must check before you go ahead.

Despite how long it’s been around, homeowners are sceptical when it comes to installing marble on bathroom floors, fearing that water and makeup spills will ruin the elegant stone. However, if treated correctly, the durable stone can stand up to anything a modern bathroom gets thrown at it.

Enhancing Eco-Friendly

The growing organic trend, where eco-friendly and sustainable living gains momentum and makes a comeback this year. It’s a look that it achievable and affordable if you begin to start off with wooden furniture such as repurposed wood. It looks amazing and gives you a great opportunity to reuse a lost piece of furniture that you can ultimately turn into anything. Recycling items such as wood for your bathroom encourages the eco-friendly approach as we realise the impact we have on our planet.

Materials like rattan are used to make a wicker weave, which is very diverse and come in shapes such as, laundry baskets and storage baskets. It can be harvested and natural rattan is biodegradable, which is a great way to be kind to our environment, in comparison to wood which comes from our trees. Although wood is natural, renewable and a sustainable material for building – it can take many years to replace through planting trees.

Tenacious Terrazzo

Powerful and photogenic, persisting in bathrooms and making a huge come back this year, we can expect to see the terrazzo style more than ever in 2023! The terrazzo design is unique and versatile with patterns in many colourways and styles. It’s a great way to introduce pattern and personality to your bathroom being equally attractive with any design you choose.

As it continues to strengthen its comeback, we can expect to see terrazzo décor continuing into next year, giving your space a unique pop without having to go the full option of terrazzo. However, if you choose to create a seamless feature wall using terrazzo over bulky looking tiles, this can be a great cost-effective option for you.

Jungle Trend

If you don’t have the opportunity of owning your own garden, you can bring the garden inside and get inspired with the jungle trend. By using jungle-inspired wallpaper and incorporating plants and murals this look can easily be achieved and we’ll continue to see it grow in popularity in the year 2023.

Many plants thrive in a humid environment making your bathroom the perfect space to fill it with greenery. The visual imagery of tropical trees will have a positive effect on your mood and the feeling of being connected with nature results in a happier, more-relaxed self.

Spa-like Retreat

Bathrooms are becoming more like wellness spaces where we can go unwind and relax. Having a spa-like retreat to go to in your home is becoming increasingly important for many and it will be one of the biggest trends will be seeing in 2023.

Plan out your architectural details focusing on moulding and woodworking details to then making it a comfortable space within your home. Minimise the lighting and if you have no neighbours, you can opt for natural lighting with big windows; to feel airy and spa-like. Invest in quality, from the floors to faucets to hardware, including brass or stainless accents and elegant light fixtures.

Backlit Mirrors

The beautiful glow instantly gives your bathroom that luxury, elegant feeling and backlit mirrors are having their moment, growing in popularity, we can expect to see ring light type styles of lighting.

Along with being super functional, the backlit mirror can be great for facial applications as it shines evenly over your face whilst being energy-efficient. This means, it won’t be so harsh on your power bill and no matter the shape you choose; round, oval or rectangular, it is an easy and inexpensive way to upgrade your bathroom. If you’re looking to enhance the look of your bathroom vanity, a backlit mirror is a great way to go as it doesn’t take up too much space! Considering, not all bathrooms get great natural light this is an option for you to brighten up your bathroom with a warm soft glow to set the mood. Backlit LED mirrors are easy to install and a great cost-effective option, appearing to be a lot more popular than traditional pendant lights.

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