The benefits of investing in a home reno project

April 18, 2023

The burning question… will my home reno project pay off?

Renovations don’t come cheap, so it makes sense to ask whether or not all the blood, sweat and tears are really worth it. The truth is, it comes down to how you do it and who you do it with.

With Renovation Builders, you can expect all the excitement of planning your dream home with none of the stress. You can leave all the hard work and planning to us – and then enjoy the fruits of our labour in your luxurious new home.

But if you’re still on the fence… here’s a list of the top five benefits you can expect from a Renovation Builders home makeover:

1. Pump up the cosy and enjoy fabulous new functionality!

Modern living room with pops of yellow and blue

Upgrading your home into a luxurious space with our renovation dream team will unlock all the potential of your property. You can collaborate with our expert designers who will help you create the perfect space to bliss out in and relax.

If you’re tired of cooking in a crowded kitchen or fighting over who’s next in the bathroom, adding extra space can take the stress out of family life. Or if you have a growing family, a remodel is the perfect opportunity to finally give your children a space to call their own. 

You can add extra entertaining spaces, a beautiful new deck, a movie theatre or home office, or perhaps just more space for furniture. The opportunities are endless and our team will ensure that by the time we’ve finished, you’ll be wanting your renovated home to be your forever home.

2. Boost your property’s value

Regardless of whether or not you’re looking to sell your home following a renovation, it’s important to consider whether the changes you make will add value. Our experienced team is well placed to advise you on this and will discuss with you how to get the most bang for your buck.

Adding more space, improving flow, developing basements and renovating bathrooms and kitchens can all boost your home’s saleability factor, thus giving you the best return on your investment. Renovating with an eye on the market is always a wise plan.

3. Cleaner, greener living and cheaper bills

Collage of home upgrades

Founder of Renovation Builders, Zane Raphael, is an expert in green living – in fact he was awarded a 10 Homestar Award for his own home renovation. 

Homestar is an independent national rating tool run by the not-for-profit Green Building Council that measures the health, warmth and efficiency of NZ houses. A 10 Homestar rating means you’ve built a world-leading house.

With the cost of utilities skyrocketing, a renovated home can help reduce bills and save money in the long run. 

We can assist you increase your home’s efficiency, as well as advise on eco-friendly solutions and options to reduce your carbon footprint. Or you can just cover the basics like upgrading insulation, replacing draughty windows and doors and swapping out appliances for energy efficient ones. Every little counts.

4. Wave goodbye to dreary home maintenance tasks  👋

Everyone has experienced the frustration of pouring seemingly endless cash into home maintenance and general protection from home wear and tear. 

Roofs, gutters, drainage, pipes, windows and doors all take a lot of maintenance due to their exposure to the elements.

A home renovation is the perfect time to address these issues and may even uncover problems you can address before they become too much of a major.

Remodelling allows you to save on both present and future repair costs.

5. Create a beautiful forever home that reflects your style & taste

Last but not least, a renovation is your chance to stamp your own personality on your home and create a space that is totally your own. You can transform it any way you like. Our expert design team is on hand to make your vision become a reality.

Get rid of outdated decor and design that detracts from your home’s value and enjoyment and replace it with something that truly reflects your personality.

You spend a lot of time in your home, so a beautiful renovation not only improves your quality of life, it also provides a place you can be proud to share with friends and family for years to come.

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