Sustainable Build

August 9, 2019

We believe in healthy home for healthy people. We are passionate about transforming houses into beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable homes.

Sustainable Home Design

New Zealanders are becoming more aware of the environmental impact and benefits of an energy efficient, sustainable home. In saying that, there is a perception that it is too expensive and hence many house owners do not explore their options for an eco home. There are many ways to make your home sustainable that do not involve big investments, and some that do.

Based on your requirements and budget, we can discuss with you the options that are suitable for your home for you to decide. The design team can incorporate those elements into the house plan to make your home more sustainable as part of the renovation work we undertake.

Building An Eco Friendly House

We have the distinction of designing and building New Zealand’s first 10 Homestar rated renovated house. Homestar rates the home based on sustainability, health and efficiency with 10 stars being the highest rating. This is a world leading standard to achieve and is a result of optimal energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Every home can incorporate sustainable initiatives that can make the home healthier. These can be better insulation, maximisation of natural light and ventilation, sustainably manufactured materials, double-glazed windows, solar water heating, composting, rainwater collection tank, high energy-efficiency rating appliances, better indoor-outdoor flow, landscaping and living opportunities, electric car charging outlet, etc.

The Renovation Builders Process