August 9, 2019

Why Reclad

The main 3 reasons for the recladding work we have undertaken in Auckland have been related to:

  • Leaky buildings, mostly built between 1994 to 2004.
  • A facelift as part of modernising the house
  • To address personal health and potential building structural issues related to moisture in the house

The above adds value to the house, not just in financial terms but also in terms of creating a healthier and drier home.

Recladding Costs

We fully understand the stress that clients can be in, especially while dealing with a leaky home. The extent of the damage, repair and treatment can be fully ascertained only after the cladding is removed and the framing is inspected. In saying that, with our extensive experience we are able to provide an initial estimate prior to starting the project which is reasonably accurate even after we have inspected the extent of the damage.

The Recladding Process For A Leaky Home

While the recladding process is similar to a renovation work, the process for a leaky house involves the Auckland council and there are specific meetings and inspections that need to be completed prior to the council issuing the Code Compliance Certificate. Based on the same, the process we follow is as follows:

  • We have an initial on-site meeting with the client, our project manager and a construction consultant.
  • After an initial assessment of the work involved, we organise a pre-construction site meeting with the Auckland Council building control inspection officer, client, construction consultant, builder and project manager to determine what the scope of the work from a compliance requirement and other works that may be part of the renovation.
  • Further meetings are organised with the council inspector, client, construction consultant and our team representatives at various stages of the process – removal of original cladding and prior to removal of damaged framing, after repair and prior to covering with building wrap, cladding inspection, painting inspection and final inspection.
  • The recladding work specific to the leaky home issue we undertake involves removal of the existing cladding and building wrap, frame and related structure assessment, replacement of damaged parts, treatment of the frame and reinstallation of the new building wrap and cladding.
  • Obtain the CCC from the council

The Renovation Builders Process