Design & Build

We at Renovation Builders take our role of being a trusted advisor to our clients very seriously. We manage the entire project from concept, design plans, initial costing, building consent approval, house plans and final quote to the build, regular client meetings and code of compliance.

The design work of the renovation or new build project is crucial to the smooth execution of the project and we can work with either your architectural designer or recommend one. We believe that a good relationship and collaboration between the client, draughting firm and us is critical to the success of the project. Even when we recommend the architect, our client deals directly with them and we do not take a commission or make money even behind the scene as eventually we and the designer work in the best interest of the client.

Our design build process is focused on ensuring that the client, architect, builder and related trades all work together to deliver the agreed outcomes on-budget on-time. Being certified builders, we are able to resolve any building design issues or unforeseen situations with our practical building knowledge. The process can be summarised in 5 steps:

1.Introduction: We believe that the building process is all about relationships. We do an initial onsite meeting to get to know you and to understand the vision for your home.

2.Concept Plans: We introduce you to our designers to get the concept plans drawn up. Working with the designers, we make sure the plans are buildable throughout the whole journey from concept to completion. Once the concept plans are signed off we provide an initial build estimate so you have an idea of what the project will cost.

3. Working Drawings: The concept plans are then finalised with all the detail so they can be submitted to Council.

4. Pricing: While the working drawings are being processed through Council we work on providing a formal estimate for the project.

5. Council Consent: The working drawings are then processed through Council to gain building consent. After the plans are stamped by council we get to work!


We specialise in house renovation projects from concept to design to build to completion and consistently exceed our client’s expectations. With over 30 years of building experience, we combine innovative design solutions with a practical approach to optimise and transform the existing space.

Award Winning Renovation Company

Most of the projects we work on are high-end and high-quality and our work has been recognised with numerous awards such as Trends International Design Awards, Resene Total Colour Residential Interior Colour and 10 Homestar Award. A testament to our workmanship and attention to detail is of one of our client’s getting their personal home fully renovated by us after having got two of their investment properties renovated by our team. Yet another is the renovation work we carried out for celebrity chef Josh Emmet. Josh was so impressed with the quality of our work, that what started as a kitchen renovation led to us being retained for a full renovation, in fact remodelling of his personal home.

Initial Consultation

For home renovations, we like to meet a prospective client even before they have met an architect. Based on the site visit, we may determine that it is primarily a repair and maintenance or minor renovation job for which the client may not require a designer. Where the building renovation requires an architect, we can recommend designers who are very good at developing concept and house plans based on the client’s vision for their house.

We Build Relationships

With superior renovation standards, we believe that the build should be fluid; i.e., the client is entitled to change their mind as the project develops. As long as the change is feasible, we are flexible on reviewing the minor variations with the architect, getting it drawn up and presenting it to the local council for approval and sign-off.

When our team starts a project, they continue working on that project till completion. Our builders have been working with us for many years and we consider them as family. We do not have the build team involved in multiple projects simultaneously, ensuring that there is no downtime for the client. The project managers are experienced and qualified architects or builders and have a finger on the pulse from start to finish. They are regularly onsite ensuring that the material priced up for are the ones actually going into the job, the work is progressing well and the client has a great experience.

We build relationships and are here to help you realise your vision for your dream space or if you just wish to explore opportunities.


Home Extension Or New Build

For many homes, there comes a time when more space or rooms are required and a choice needs to be made between extending the current house or moving out to a bigger one. The decision is typically made based on various factors, including house extension costs, emotional attachment to the house, house value after the extensions and the feasibility for extensions.

A house extension or renovation can be more complicated than a new build, as there can be unknown factors that crop up as the work progresses. There may even be requirements of a change in the house plans. It is hence important to work with a Certified building company such as ours that specialise in renovations and extensions and who are highly experienced, competent, sincere and client-centric.

Sometimes based on our initial discussions and your budget, it is also likely that the best option is a partial deconstruction. This is where it may be best to demolish and rebuilt or extend parts of the house, while other sections may be retained as is or cosmetic renovation undertaken.

We work with you to explore the best options based on your current and future needs and vision.

Extend Out, Up Or Down

We undertake all kinds of house extension works; be it along the same level, a level up, a level down or even a combination of these. Extending a house can involve compliance, excavation and strengthening costs. Depending on your priorities, budget and building compliance requirements, you can choose to:

  • Extend Out: These can include additional bedrooms, ensuite bathroom, open plan kitchen–dining–living area, side return extension of a duplex/ terraced house, wrap around extension, etc. Space permitting, this could be the more cost-effective than building up or down.
  • Extend Up: This can be the preferred option when you want to almost double the space of your current single level house; including better views, storage space and use of the natural light.
  • Extend Down: These are typically basement extensions and can be built to create additional bedrooms, rumpus room, storage space, home office, garage, etc. It is extremely important to ascertain that the building’s structure allows for this extension and take into consideration other aspects such as ventilation, lighting, drainage, waterproofing, etc.

Our House Extension Process

Our team of house extension builders can advise you on the feasibility of single-storey, double-storey or even triple-storey extensions. We can also advise you on the council requirements, time-frame, a pretty rough estimate, materials and other queries you may have. The house extension cost approximation at this stage is based on costs related to design, materials, construction, compliance and other requirements such as demolition, groundworks, fittings and finishings. The architectural design team can work with you on a concept plan for a better visualisation of the house with the extensions in place. On your confirmation to proceed with the project, the designers develop the working drawings, also known as house plans, which detail what is to be built, the dimensions, materials, installation techniques and quality standards. This is submitted to the council for approval. At this stage, we are in a position to firm up the pricing. After the approval is received, our extension builders start the build process and the project manager keeps you updated on the progress ensuring we are tracking to the agreed timelines. On build completion, we organise the code of compliance for you.


Why Reclad

The main 3 reasons for the recladding work we have undertaken in Auckland have been related to:

  • Leaky buildings, mostly built between 1994 to 2004.
  • A facelift as part of modernising the house
  • To address personal health and potential building structural issues related to moisture in the house

The above adds value to the house, not just in financial terms but also in terms of creating a healthier and drier home.

Recladding Costs

We fully understand the stress that clients can be in, especially while dealing with a leaky home. The extent of the damage, repair and treatment can be fully ascertained only after the cladding is removed and the framing is inspected. In saying that, with our extensive experience we are able to provide an initial estimate prior to starting the project which is reasonably accurate even after we have inspected the extent of the damage.

The Recladding Process For A Leaky Home

While the recladding process is similar to a renovation work, the process for a leaky house involves the Auckland council and there are specific meetings and inspections that need to be completed prior to the council issuing the Code Compliance Certificate. Based on the same, the process we follow is as follows:

  • We have an initial on-site meeting with the client, our project manager and a construction consultant.
  • After an initial assessment of the work involved, we organise a pre-construction site meeting with the Auckland Council building control inspection officer, client, construction consultant, builder and project manager to determine what the scope of the work from a compliance requirement and other works that may be part of the renovation.
  • Further meetings are organised with the council inspector, client, construction consultant and our team representatives at various stages of the process – removal of original cladding and prior to removal of damaged framing, after repair and prior to covering with building wrap, cladding inspection, painting inspection and final inspection.
  • The recladding work specific to the leaky home issue we undertake involves removal of the existing cladding and building wrap, frame and related structure assessment, replacement of damaged parts, treatment of the frame and reinstallation of the new building wrap and cladding.
  • Obtain the CCC from the council

Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations

Most of the kitchen renovations and bathroom renovations we undertake are part of larger renovation and extension works. We project manage the work from concept to completion. The key to a good renovation is in the finer details and our clients and manufacturers compliment us for a superior build that is plumb and level, straight and square.

Kitchen Renovation

Dealing only in custom designed kitchens, our initial consultation is focused on understanding the requirements for your new kitchen. The scope of work can include stripping out the old kitchen, adding or removing walls and extensions, replacing the flooring, new lighting and other work to realise your dream kitchen. The final outcome is a stunning, spacious and functional kitchen, which flows well into the dining area and can also be an entertaining space.

Bathroom Renovation

A complete bathroom renovation can be complex with a range of trades involved; these could be the designer, builder, plumber, tiler, electrician, waterproofer, cabinet maker, painter, plasterer, etc. We project manage the entire process with our team of project manager and builders.

Sustainable Build

We believe in healthy home for healthy people. We are passionate about transforming houses into beautiful, comfortable, energy efficient and sustainable homes.

Sustainable Home Design

New Zealanders are becoming more aware of the environmental impact and benefits of an energy efficient, sustainable home. In saying that, there is a perception that it is too expensive and hence many house owners do not explore their options for an eco home. There are many ways to make your home sustainable that do not involve big investments, and some that do.

Based on your requirements and budget, we can discuss with you the options that are suitable for your home for you to decide. The design team can incorporate those elements into the house plan to make your home more sustainable as part of the renovation work we undertake.

Building An Eco Friendly House

We have the distinction of designing and building New Zealand’s first 10 Homestar rated renovated house. Homestar rates the home based on sustainability, health and efficiency with 10 stars being the highest rating. This is a world leading standard to achieve and is a result of optimal energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Every home can incorporate sustainable initiatives that can make the home healthier. These can be better insulation, maximisation of natural light and ventilation, sustainably manufactured materials, double-glazed windows, solar water heating, composting, rainwater collection tank, high energy-efficiency rating appliances, better indoor-outdoor flow, landscaping and living opportunities, electric car charging outlet, etc.