Factors to consider before deciding on the best floor plan for your home

October 22, 2020

You dream about building your own home to fulfill the needs of your family. This is your big opportunity to make it happen exactly how you want it to be. Your mind is trying to decipher what is the best way to go amongst a wave of ideas that keep occurring. You are trying to make up your mind but before that you need to understand all the key factors involved. I suggest you to take your time and pick carefully. Did you know that the floor plan you choose exercises a critical part in your home?

Here is what you should consider when choosing a floor plan:


Your lifestyle plays a big part on how the floor plan of your house should be. Your home has to correspond with the way you live. You must picture yourself in it and see if it fits your daily routine and lifestyle. The house should be suitable and practical. So, taking that into consideration you can plan to increase or decrease rooms and spaces in accordance to each activity. Do not forget to choose wisely.


In case you have pets and young kids you have to look closely at how the floor plan will flow in order to keep them safe. This is one of the most important parts when choosing something that will make everyone happy. Pay special attention when building stairs and a balcony in your new home. It is always better to be safe than sorry.


Everyone dreams of having a beautiful house, but if the funds are not there to fulfill all your expectations, it just won’t materialise itself. Knowing your budget and having a good understanding of all the costs involved in the construction of your house is the way to go.


It is wise to consider nature’s rhythm when building your home. The sun plays a big part on keeping your house warm, drying your clothes and last but not least, how much natural light you will get in the house. So, make sure you position your house the best way to get all the benefits from the sunlight. The direction that the prevailing wind blows is also an important element to acknowledge.


Privacy is unquestionably a fundamental requirement for every person. Sometimes we need to isolate ourselves in our homes. In case you need to work from home, often have guests staying over or for whatever reason you need to keep your privacy, bare that in mind when choosing the floor plan.


Some people have those special pieces of furniture that they don´t want to discard and some of these items can be incredibly heavy, difficult to dismount, very big in size or have some awkward shape to it. If you possess one of these special items or want to acquire that dream piece of furniture for your new home make sure that they will be able to fit in your house when putting your floor plan together.


Sometimes we tend to forget about our storage needs. It seems unimportant in comparison to other items in our house, but if we don’t give it enough thought we will regret it later. It is quite funny that when we are in our home, we never think we have enough storage space. Humans tend to accumulate as time goes by. When we compare the clutter we have and the storage space that we don’t have, things can get a bit overwhelming.

Air circulation

Who wants to live in a house with no air circulation? Make sure you tick this box when choosing the right floor plan for your new house. Air circulation is crucial for our health and house maintenance. We don’t want do live amongst mouldy walls and stuffy rooms, so make sure your house has good air circulation through all rooms.

Future needs

It is advisable to consider any future needs you might have. Let’s say that you are recently married and plan to have kids in the future, you have elderly parents who might need to move in with you some day or you are contemplating the idea of working from home at one stage of your life. Take into consideration all the future needs you might have and apply these when choosing the floor plan of your new property.


Everyone enjoys a bit of peace and quiet in their lives. Some of us when having a bad day at work, look forward to going home to our peace and quiet space. When choosing the right floor plan for your future home, think how you can minimise the impacts of any outside noise as well as having a floor plan that creates noise free areas for family members. For instance, you don’t want your bedroom facing the area of your house that is most exposed to traffic noises.


If you love cooking and having guests over, it is ideal to include that when choosing a floor plan for your house. Having a space to entertain where your guests enjoy socialising, can be an important decision to make. An open plan kitchen could be a good choice for you. This is the heart of most homes. Having a barbecue area is also a very popular choice these days if you love entertaining guests.

Now, make a list of all the requirements you have for yourself and your family members, finalise a floor plan that will best accommodate them and get ready to start building!

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