Basement Renovation Ideas for New Zealand Homes In 2020

March 15, 2020

Sometimes there is never enough space in the house and renovating the basement could not only create more livable space but also add value to your house. Basements, that are often a neglected area, can become a functional space with a well-thought out design. The space can become a quiet office area to get some productive work done, become a spare bedroom, an artist’s workshop, an entertainment area with a large screen or another living area for teenagers.

Basement Renovation Considerations

Home extensions are increasingly a trend for 2020 as families expand and house prices continue to grow. Underground extensions or basements, that have long been neglected, are likely to get a new look with smart, clean designs. Generally, these areas are cold, unfinished, dark and even mouldy. A good design starts with understanding the needs of the family. It is extremely important to ascertain that the building’s structure allows for this extension and take into consideration other aspects such as ventilation, lighting, drainage, waterproofing, etc. It is important to consider any council requirements, including applicable consents.

Open Concept Basement

An ideal basement will increase the home’s footprint and improve its value. An uncluttered open-plan concept basement that flows well with the rest of the house is currently preferred by many homeowners. The spaces can be multifunctional family rooms like a children’s play area or specialised like a music auditorium, or an enclosed theatre space, a sports room or a home gym. Colour experts predict that black, navy, balanced with neutral to warm whites are all continuing to be popular.

Home Gyms

Home gyms are ideal for a family that is devoted to exercise. A basement can be the ideal space that is large enough to accommodate a well functional gym. It can be designed to fit equipment safely without cluttering up the space. Lighting, ventilation and health and safety standards need to be carefully considered. A home gym should have space to encourage numerous workout positions and have enough storage for equipment. Incorporating technology in the home gym will make workouts more fun.

Home Office

A home office in the basement can work for those who do not even work from home. It can be an extra quiet space that could be used as a library, for a hobby, for volunteer work or for those who want to study. Incorporating workstations, technology and storage this room can provide the privacy and quiet for getting work done.

Media Room

A dedicated media room is perfect for the family and a crowd pleaser when there are guests. With an open plan television space, integrated with a bar the basement can become a luxurious entertainment area. With new tech the media room can have technology that controls the television, lighting and heating. A smart design offers great comfort and reduces energy bills.

Renovation Builders are experts at integrating different areas of the home to create multipurpose environments. They can create practical spaces that work for the whole family. With their use of technology, insulation and commitment to quality products the homeowner can have a home that will continue to give back for years to come.

The Renovation Builders Process