5 trends in kitchen renovation for 2020 and beyond

April 16, 2020

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen look at the current trends and check out what material, colours, trends and furniture will combine form and function to create the perfect smart space for your family.

Calacatta Marble

Natural stone worktops like the Calacatta Marble with its pronounced veins brings drama and art to one of the most used parts of a home. With clear gold, grey, black veins running on bright white slab, Calacatta marble is luxurious and brings uncomparable style into the kitchen. Used as a splashback or on an island this marble will be a big conversation piece when friends gather around it. 

Colourful Splashbacks

Splashbacks that are bold and art-like add the perfect amount of drama inside the kitchen. Glass, tile and stone are all perfect, but larger sizes are trending. Not just glass, bright colourful tiles or big bold natural stones that are not just confined around the stove will be trendy. Full wall coverage makes a neat dramatic statement. Moving away from the industrial subway tile look with a pop of colour will create a feeling of cheerfulness, wellness and relaxation while you work. These splashbacks work well with the white kitchens that have been trending for the last few years.

Clever Storage

Precision storage will continue to be popular with double-bin waste sorters, custom spice drawers, pantries with pull-out drawers, deep drawers with dividers and full wall storage compartments. The idea is to have discreet storage, one which has a place for everything and keeps countertops uncluttered. Built in storage to create stations for breakfast, and a complete wine bar area incorporated within the kitchen will improve efficiency.  In tight spaces pull out cabinets can make use of previously underutilized areas. This could mean adding rotating corner trays and freestanding pantry cabinets that come with counter space.

Warm Tones

Sometimes a redecoration project can just involve paint. Repainting the kitchen walls or cabinets can make it feel fresh quickly. White kitchens have been trending for a while, however homeowners realise it is not the easiest to maintain. Colour is back when it comes to cabinets creating warmth. Grey, green, brown and beige, blues even black are options to consider. Instead of a shiny finish, matte will trend. Include these shades in cabinets, tiles and accessories.

Smart Kitchen Appliances

Appliance brands are creating the best in technology. Appliances are high quality, bigger, flexible and colourful.  Not just steel, kitchen appliances now have colour, including black and cream. Kitchen technology has incorporated state of the art features like built-in and freestanding wine conditioners. Ovens now have baking and steam cooking technology and come with gourmet warmer drawers and vacuum sealing drawers.  Wall and island rangehoods that are stylish, quiet and efficient are the ideal appliance to go easily against the wall or on top of islands.  More people are seeking out built-in coffee machines that provide freshly ground coffee to give a perfect cup anytime of the day. Dishwashers can be integrated, fully integrated or built under counters.

The kitchen of today is about function, social dynamics, aesthetic and technology with a growing trend on sustainability. Clean and simple styles will continue to remain popular. Talk to a high end kitchen renovation specialist who understands design, finish and your needs.

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